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Rising 9th Grade

Rising 9th Grade Information

Middle School Counselors will be coordinating with High School Counselors to present information, register students and provide orientation in March 2024.

Step 1: Are you sure WEST CABARRUS is the high school you are zoned for? check here: Find My School Locator Tool

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with our webpage, explore courses, organizations, sports…..everything!

Step 3: Talk to your current teachers and parents about what classes you should take next year. Should you consider an Honors level class?  Are you interested in Construction? Do you enjoy playing in the band or singing in chorus? Check out the “2024-2025 Curriculum Guide” below for more information.

Step 4: Fill out the Rising 9th grade  course planning sheet given to you during classroom guidance by your 8th grade Counselor. You can also print it from below.

Use this sheet to register for classes in Power School with help from parents, teachers or your 8th grade Counselor. See videos and powerpoints below for direct instruction on how to register in Power School. (If you can’t access this DO NOT WORRY! Middle School Data Managers may not have pretransitioned your schools’ students in Power School yet.)

Step 5: BRING YOUR PLANNING SHEET, review and finalize your course selections in Power School with help from WCHS School Counselors when they come to your school:

March 19 – Winkler Middle

March 21 – JN Fries Middle

March 25 – North West Cabarrus Middle and Roberta Road Middle


Rising 9th Grade Open House 2024

  • Rising 9th Grade Open House 2024

Should I take Honors level classes?

In addition to Honors level classes we also offer the International Baccalaureate program for students who desire a more rigorous and challenging course of study.

For more information visit WCHS IB Information

WCHS Rising 9th Grade Course Planning 2024-2025

West Cabarrus HS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

Below is a description of ALL the classes we currently offer at WCHS.

As a 9th grade Freshman you will NOT be able to choose from ALL of these classes. 

Most of these classes have pre-requisites, that means you have to take a certain class BEFORE you can you enroll in it. For example, you may not take Advanced PE before you take Health and PE.  Health and PE is a pre-requisite for Advanced PE, Strength and Conditioning and Weight Lifting. We provide this comprehensive list of classes to you so that you can read the descriptions of the classes you are allowed to sign up for and know what you can look forward to over the next four years. 

See the WCHS Rising 9th Grade Course Planning 2024-2025 Sheet for the complete list of classes you are allowed to choose. When you go to register in PowerSchool it will only populate the courses you are allowed to take. 

How to Register in PowerSchool

How do I Register? 

1. Log into Powerschool through NCEdCloud:

***If you are having trouble please contact one of your current teachers to reset your password.***

2. Click the icon for PowerSchool. (The rainbow P on a blue background)

3. On the left hand side of the screen click “Class Registration.”

4. Click on the box with a pencil in it on the right hand side of each section to select courses.

5. The red ! will turn to a green check mark if you have selected classes correctly.

6. Once all sections are complete and show a green check click submit.


Access to Powerpoints with detailed instructions and the “How to” videos are available below.

How to Register in PowerSchool