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IBEX - IB Executive Committee


IBEX - IB Executive Committee:  The IBEX is comprised of Pre-DP and Pre-CP students who are interested in having their voices heard as we implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career-Related Programme.  Think of it as an "IB Student Council," and you are on the right track!  Students will be leaders not only in the IB Programmes, but also at WCHS!

Additional Information

What is the average time commitment for a member of your organization?

Meetings for 30 minutes bi-weekly, and service projects if interested.

Is your organization known for any particular events, programs or activities?

The IBEX is known for hosting service projects within and outside of WCHS.  The IBEX is also active in IB visits from leaders in the International Baccalaureate, and they are the representatives who speak for the IB program at the student level.

Will your organization host meetings/events in-person, virtually, or hybrid?

This year, we will host meetings and events in-person, and there will be service opportunities in-person, virtually, and hybrid.

Check out our  website here: