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IB Diploma Programme

  • Successful completion of the DP includes:

    • Completing 6 IB Diploma courses with passing exam scores
    • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course
    • Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS): 150+ hours
    • Extended Essay (EE): an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper
  • Explores questions about knowledge and the process of knowing. Emphasizes comparisons and connections between areas of knowledge and encourages students to become more aware of their own perspectives and the perspectives of others. Provides students with an opportunity to explore and reflect on the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing.


    • Knowledge and the Knower
    • Areas of Knowledge: Scope, Perspective, Tools, Ethics
  • We currently offer:

    • IB Lang and Lit: pre-req is English 1 and 2 Honors
    • IB Biology: pre-req is Bio 1 Honors and Chem 1
    • IB Sports Exercise and Health Science
    • IB Approaches and Analysis (Engineering based math): pre-req is Honors Math 3
    • IB Applications and Interpretations (Statistics based math): pre-req is Math 3
    • IB History of the Americas
    • IB Philosophy
    • IB Visual Arts: pre-req in any art course
    • IB Business Management
    • IB Spanish: pre-req is Honors Spanish 3

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